Desire & Want

If you wanted something badly enough you’d have it by now, right?

If it’s the one thing you desire most above all others, you’d make it happen, surely?

Well, not necessarily.

This thought of desire and need has, many a time, made me wonder that I obviously don’t want to achieve my dreams and goals as much as I thought I did. If I’m not motivated enough to have made it already happen, maybe I don’t really want it to happen; not really bothered by it.

And whilst, you should question how much you want something if you’re not making progress, you shouldn’t let this one thought get to you and make you feel negative about your ambitions. Life has a way of making other things crowd in for your attention. Family, friends, and a need to pay bills, should not be neglected. It’s important to maintain a social circle for companionship and emotional support, and important to maintain a job you may dislike, for money toward rent and food. However, you can’t let these things take over. Your dreams and goals can’t be neglected either. These are, after all, the things that will bring you most satisfaction once achieved.

It gets tricky, but it’s all about the fine art of balance. Making time for all things, and maybe even being stricter with your time and how you spend it. There is always going to be days when one thing takes over, but you can’t let it be that way everyday.

I know myself how difficult it is after a long stressful day to keep motivated in order to do something for myself and my goals. And some days I do just come home and zone out, flicking through Facebook, Twitter or Reddit when I feel like I need to be doing as little as possible. Too many days like this though and I’m cursing myself for being a lazy twat and not making any progress at all in order for me to quit the job that leaves me so stressed out and fatigued in the first place.

It’s necessary to zone out, to switch off and reset, but we can’t be this way everyday. A dangerous cycle of work, eat, sleep, repeat. It’s boring as well as unprogressive (well, unless it’s your dream job to begin with). We’re here to do something that makes our spirit come alive!

And whilst we do want our dreams bad enough, we need to accept that other things need to happen as well. I will never tell you to quit the job you hate, or anything like that, as sometimes, it’s just not that easy, but believe that you will get to where you want to be eventually, if you just take little actions most days. It’s not a question of how much you desire something that makes it happen, it’s about finding your pace and what works for you in relation to everything else you’ve got going on.

So next time you’re questioning how much you desire your goals because it’s taking so long to achieve them, just remember, Rome was not built in a day.


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