For myself, and I believe most people, there is this constant sense of time. What time is it now? What time do I need to be there? How much time do I have? Time to eat, time to sleep; I’ll have to do that another time; I’m running out of time!

The more I think about it, the more I realise that time is a self-imposed notion that has evolved and makes us feel lousy and de-motivated when we think we’re not making the most of our time.

Cavemen weren’t wondering around worrying about wasting time. They took each day as it came; hunting, gathering, inventing wheels, starting fires. Their only sense of time was night and day. There were no days of the week for them; no hours, minutes, seconds ticking by. They could just be. How much more content do you think we’d be without the existence of time? Or do you think we’d be more inclined to waste it and still feel like we’re getting nothing done?

So, how do we deal with time?

Well, this is a bit tricky. We can’t physically make more time I’m afraid. It’s going to have to be a bit of a balancing act really. On one hand, I think we need to lessen our addictions to time – reduce clock-watching and our need to know the time. It’s a good thing to do for mindfulness and overall good mental health. But then on the other hand, we need to develop better time management skills and organise our days thoroughly if we’re intending to work towards goals and ambitions and get out of your shitty job (or whatever your grand plans are).

Scheduling your day to ensure you get a bit of everything done that you need to is the best thing to do. Become stricter with your time, even scheduling in time to relax and not clock watch (Kind of ironic, don’t you think).

As mentioned earlier, it is a bit of a balancing act; schedule your time and be as strict with it as possible but also be prepared to not follow the plan on occasion. Life has a way of throwing all sorts at you, so we need to stay flexible. It’s ok to need to sit and zone out, or not feel up to it because you’re ill, or something else needs to temporarily become a priority. Wonder from the plan if you need to just make sure you don’t wonder away from it completely. A little bit of structure will help you to get closer to where you actually want to be, and make the most of your time.


p.s I’ve heard that bullet journals are supposed to be really good for time/life/goal management; check out Pinterest for cool ideas. Can’t say I’ve tried it personally though. As dorky as it sounds, I have a refillable Filofax with diary and note pages.


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