Morning, Anxiety!

Do you ever just wake up in the morning and you instantaneously feel anxious? That heavy rock in the pit of stomach and more noticeable heartbeat; and you don’t even know what is triggering it this time. You just feel anxious! I woke up like that today.

It’s absolutely awful waking up to this feeling; it’s like your body and mind didn’t even want to give the day a chance. You want to hide from the world, but unfortunately, the day has only just begun and you have adult responsibilities and dreams to pursue.

The urge to pull those bedsheets tighter around yourself and get back to sleep is so strong – I tell you, the struggle is real – but don’t do it. You won’t feel better for it. Yeah, you feel lousy with anxiety but you’ve got to get up and do things. sometimes just the act of getting up and getting on with it is enough.

As much as mindfulness, meditation, yoga and other self-care/anxiety advice can help, sometimes you have just got to push through it. Feel the anxiety and get on with it anyway. The act of doing something will eventually calm you, distract you. We can’t let anxiety take control. Notice it, say hello to it even, and then go about your day.

We’ve got goals we’re working towards! It’s not about ignoring anxiety; it’s about not letting it stop you.


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