More Than Is Required – Motivational Speech

I first came across this World War Two speech by George S Patton in Jonny Wilkinson’s “My World” book. I was about 16 at the time and since then have either carried a copy of it around in my wallet, or kept it folded in the back of my journal (I’m nearly 30 now!).

I think it best for those times when you feel you’ve nothing left to give…


Today you must do more than is required of you. Never think that you have done enough, or that your job is finished. There’s always something that can be done, something to ensure victory.

You can’t let others be responsible for getting you started, you must be a self-starter; you must possess that spark of individual initiative that sets the leader apart from the led.

Self-motivation is the key to being one step ahead of everyone else and standing head and shoulders above the crowd.

Once you get going, don’t stop. Always be on the look out for the chance to do something better. Never stop trying.

Fill yourself with the warrior spirit – and send that warrior into action.

General George S Patton – Commander US Third Army 


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