You are a nobody. I am a nobody. Everybody is a nobody, and we’re all trying to be somebody. The similarities between us all start and end there. Any other comparisons are based on assumptions and perspective, and are not based on reality at all.

I know how easy it is to compare yourself to others, especially when those people seem to easily get what you want, or seem to be liked by everybody else. They key word here is ‘seem’ – they seem to be this or that, but is that really the whole story?

We’re all on different paths, have come from different circumstances, are probably wanting different things – so don’t make assumptions based on your own perspective. You’re just making yourself feel worse. As some say… to assume, makes an ass out of you and me.

You need to notice when you’re comparing yourself to others and just stop it! Why do you want to belittle yourself and fill your mind with anxiety, self-doubt and bad vibes? You should treat yourself better than that!

Remind yourself often that you are unique. Life is teaching you differently from the way it is teaching others, so focus on your own thing. Other people’s journeys are not meant for you!


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