Don’t Quit

You can almost see it can’t you? That dream of yours? You’ve been making steps towards it, but you’re not quite there yet.

You can feel life – horrible bosses, unexpected events, and even your own inner voice sometimes – pulling you backwards. You’re tired, physically and mentally, and you just want to rest. Maybe you feel like you’ve got nothing left to give; like maybe you just weren’t meant to achieve this particular dream?

Rest, if you must, but I beg of you, please do not stop.

Creating the life that you want, that fills you with success, and that fills your soul with gladness is never going to be easy. But my God it is going to be worth it!

You’ve got the power within you – you just need to harness it, focus it. And if you feel the need to slow down when life gets a little too much, learn to rest and pick it up again. Find things you can do that can help towards your ultimate goals that aren’t too strenuous – do these if you need rest. Read around your chosen field, or about people who have achieved similar things, for example.

Go slowly if you must. Slowly is better than not at all. Keep going in the direction of your dreams, but don’t burn yourself out along the way. Rest if you need to, but don’t you quit. You can almost see it.


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