Unmotivated at Work

Sometimes we have to work shitty jobs in order to pay bills and stuff. Not only does it take away time doing what you actually want to do, it sometimes has shitty people there too, and weird workplace politics. It’s exhausting and leaves one drained and unmotivated.

Have you ever just sat at work in a sort of brain fog, not doing anything and not wanting to do anything? it’s simply not what you want to do with your life and you just can’t bring yourself to complete the tasks you’re meant to be doing there? We’ve all been there I’m sure.

And I’m sure, as much as you would like to quit the day job and do better things, quitting isn’t quite really an option yet. There’s something nice about these inspirational quotes that litter the internet telling you to leave the job you hate because life is just too short, but in reality it is never that easy. We’re responsible adults around here and life doesn’t always work out as simply as just walking away.

So whilst you have to be at work, you might as well be at work, being productive. I totally get how demotivating it is to be in a job you despise, with bad management and mundane work, but a productive day doing something is always going to make you feel better than those days you sit doing very little and contemplating your lot in life.

Writing to do lists is always good, so you can see what you need to do and can just pick a task to get on with when you’re feeling bored and fed up.

Don’t stop thinking about your own end-goal though. Maybe you could do a little toward that when you’re stuck at a day job? Within reason, obviously, and out of view of managers and goody two shoes co-worker, but maybe a little research of social media marketing, a little thing that could help with the big dream.

I think one of the big things about having to work a shitty job is developing your work ethic. If you can excel in a job you hate, imagine what you could do in a position you love?! Take pride in your work, learn to push through when you feel like you cannot be bothered, because even when you’re working your dream vocation there are going to be days that are boring or difficult. View the crummy day job as training for this.

Take pride. Work hard.