Early Riser

Some say that all successful people are early birds. Some say that it is one of the key principles of getting your shit together. What they don’t say is how God damn hard it is to form a habit like that!

It seems like a good idea doesn’t it? An hour in the morning to focus on yourself and your goals before the reality of family and day jobs kick in. But in practice, it means leaving your warm cosy bed and getting the juices going way before you are ready, when all you actually want to do is sleep. And who doesn’t love sleep?!

And if you struggle with getting up an hour or so earlier in the summer months, it is worse in the winter, as the nights draw in and the mornings are cloaked in darkness for longer. When the alarm sounds it is all too easy to hit snooze and snuggle deeper down into your duvet.

Choosing to get up early is a fine balance between making sure you’ve got enough sleep and actually being productive. Obviously, you need sleep and rest, so you shouldn’t make yourself give up vital time in bed if you’ve had a rough night or got to bed a little late. You’re useless when sleep deprived. But on the other hand, mornings have been proven to be the best time to be productive. It’s a great opportunity to get things done that can help you further your dreams and goals, especially if your day job has nothing to do with those plans. let’s face it, there can’t be many in the right mind frame to be doing stuff and the other end of the day, in the evening, when energy and concentration levels have been depleted.

It’s probably best to experiment a little if you’re serious about getting up early to be productive. Try gradually setting your alarm 5 minutes earlier over the period of a week or two until you get to the preferred wake up time. Before going to bed, give yourself a task to do when you get up, so you won’t be distracted by phone scrolling. You could even try a gently gently approach and stay wrapped in blankets and do a little stretching, easing your body into the day.

The more you try, the more you’ll get used to it – remember that it can take up to 30 days to form a new habit. And this particular habit could help you get to your goals and dreams just that little bit quicker.


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