Working for Your Dreams

You have a dream right? You tell yourself, and others, that you’re going to be this or that; you talk about how things are going to be when your dream is realised; but are you actually doing something to achieve this or are you just coasting along, not really doing anything, still thinking that your dream will just happen. Because it never happens this way.

It’s not a case of you not wanting, not wishing hard enough for it – you’re simply not working hard enough. The achieving of dreams and ambitions requires consistent action. Yes, it’s tiring sometimes, and you can rest, but your rest days must not outnumber your doing days.

Whether it’s a sport, learning a particular instrument or language, or even attempting to start your own business, action is always required, as is some discipline. You need to hold yourself accountable for these things because laziness simply will not do.

If you do find yourself completely unmotivated for whichever dream, and you can’t seem to commit to it, maybe you should think about how serious you actually are about it. Maybe one particular dream isn’t meant to be for you.

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Laziness will not do in the pursuit of your dreams