It gets a little too easy sometimes to lose focus and get too worked up about the mundane and tiny things that don’t really matter. We lose sight of the bigger picture, the end goal, all too easily, and that is when we start to feel demotivated and deflated; like our aims are always going to be just out of reach for us.

We need to focus.

We need to train ourselves to notice when we are too consumed with the little things, and to notice it quickly. Whether we are concerned about other chores and tasks that need to be done, getting bogged down in other people’s drama, or getting fed up with a manager looking over your shoulder all of the freaking time, we must remember that these are, after all, not our priority. They are minor inconveniences and do not deserve our full attention. Deal with them as best you can, but them let them take over; don’t let them make you lose focus on what is actually important to you.

Remind yourself of your goals and what should be a priority for you; remind yourself of why you are going after your dreams – write them out; say it out loud if you need to.

“So I can be my own boss.”

“So I can be this, or that.”

“Because I want to win a medal.”

“Because I want to make something of myself.”

It’s ok to focus on you and what you want to achieve. It’s not selfish, it is necessary.


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