So the corporate day job or the pursuit of our goals can leave us feeling tense and frazzled. There’s elements of stress in everything we do, even if it is something we love doing.

The other day was so stressful for me, that the usual Netflix binge to unwind didn’t feel like it was going to cut it. I’d read about, and tried, guided meditations before, so thought about listening to one whilst I had a bath.

On Amazon Music I found a “Relaxation and Self-Empowerment” guided meditation, lit some candles and then sunk into the slightly too hot water. A three-pronged attack against this stress.

It sounds idyllic right? Really relaxing? It wasn’t.

The guys voice was kinda annoying, and sounded pretentious. It didn’t feel like guiding me through meditation , it felt like talking at me; he chatted a lot. Rather than just say to think of a place you find enjoyable and relaxing, he listed ALL of the possible places. Not really guided meditation but a mindful geography lesson! I tried to see it through, to concentrate on listening but I just couldn’t. It didn’t feel real, natural.

So, you know what I did instead. I got out, put Miles Davis on, got myself a beer and started the bath all over again. Much better that time round.

My point is, no matter what you read about ways to definitely relax and de-stress, not all of it is going to work. We’re all so different. There is more than one way of doing things – you just need to find your own. Use these self-help tools as guides, not as bible. They’re suggesting ways, not dictating how you should relax, or even live your life.

And whilst some people will find meditation relaxing, others may prefer a bit of heavy metal. You should definitely try different things though! It took me trying someone else’s way to discover my own.


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