The Importance of Writing

I have always loved writing and the idea of filling a blank page with scribbles and ideas. When I made the decision to be more actively motivated, before I even started this blog, pen and paper were the first things that I grabbed, and I began writing to myself about my goals, ways to achieve them, and most of the pep talks you’ll see amongst all of the posts here.

Writing out your goals makes them more tangible. Writing out your thoughts makes them more understandable. Writing out your problems makes them more manageable. 

If you look on Pinterest there are thousands of journal prompts grounded in the idea of self-care and mental health, that could easily work as ways to motivate and encourage yourself… self-care, achieving ambitions, it all ties into the notion of you, and being the best you that you can be.

So have a go at some writing prompts if you feel the need to write it out; or simply write out what you are thinking in terms of your goals and being motivated towards them… heck write about your shitty day if you’ve had one. And never underestimate the power of writing out a to-do list! Having some kind of action plan is a great help in keeping you focused and will make you feel like you’ve achieved something when you see everything you’ve completed and crossed off your list.

Writing could be one of the most powerful tools you could use in the achieving of dreams and ambitions, so use it. Write it out and get cracking on your success.

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