Doing Less This New Year

So ends another year; and like Janus, mythical God of Rome, with one head to look upon the past, and another to look upon the future, we are all no doubt, reflecting on the days that have been and making plans for the ones that lie ahead. 

The hope and promise of a new year fill you with a can-do spirit and a renewed sense of purpose after the glut, merriment and laziness that fills the Crimbo Limbo between the big day itself and New Year’s Eve.

We’re all hopeful for more health, wealth, happiness and progress. More travelling, more adventures, more achievements. And who wouldn’t want these things?! But in the interest of balance, have you thought about how you could benefit from less this coming year?

Excuses; over-committing yourself; consumerism; laziness; comparisons to others; over-eating; over-thinking; complaining; judging; worrying. How much better you would feel if you did less. 

And surely, doing less is far easier than doing more?

By stopping or limiting certain actions and behaviours we would certainly become better people, and also, we would develop a better sense of wellbeing in general. Wanting more and doing more is not always healthy. It’s almost like by wanting more, you’re not truly satisfied with where you are or what you have in life. Like it’s just not quite enough for you.

So whilst you’re thinking about what more you would like to do in the year that lies ahead of us, why don’t you think a little about what you could do less of as well?

Maybe doing less will bring about a bigger change for you.

© The Motivation Project 2018

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