When people insult you, belittle your dreams, and mock your hobbies; rise above.

When someone is two-faced, watches for your fall, or thinks they’re better than you; rise above.

Definitely easier said than done, but there is no point getting angry, annoyed and aggrieved at the opinions and actions of others. Generally, people only see from their own reasoning and experiences; and that is not your problem, so don’t let those poor bastards get you down! Pity them for having such a sheltered and limited life view.

Obviously, if you feel angry then you are justified in feeling that way, but do not express it. Do not show them your frustrations. Do not let them know they are getting to you. Have an external composure of calm, even if internally you’d quite like to throw things at them.

If they mock your passions, say, “Well, that’s just me” and move on.

If they tell you how to do your work, tell them, “thanks for the input”

If they don’t take your goals seriously, use it as ammunition achieve them and prove them wrong.

People are dicks and you could spend your whole life angry at them if you don’t find a way to rise above their pettiness and negativity.

Write out how you’re feeling – even if you just want to write “Fuck you!” over and over again.

Run it out. Something high energy to get over the initial aggravation this person has caused you.

Find something else to do. Anything. Don’t let your focus be controlled by this person. Ignore their words and actions. Don’t let them intrude on your thoughts about your dreams, goals and passions. Don’t let them set off the small niggling voice of self doubt in your own head.

Rise. Rise above it all, and keep going in the direction of your dreams.


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