There’s always a lot of things to be doing. Most of them we need to do; some we feel we should do, but recently, I’ve been thinking about the things I should not be doing, the things I need to stop that may actually be beneficial to me in going about my day and actually achieving something.

Below I’ve listed a few things that all of us should stop doing. Do you agree? Is there anything else you feel you should stop?

Stop making excuses:-

Don’t stop, or think you can’t work towards your dreams and ambitions because of this or that. If you really wanted to achieve something, you’d find your way around anything that was seemingly blocking your way.

Stop staring at your phone:-

Ok, fair enough if you’re doing a bit of research, reading around in your chosen field, but for the love of God, stop endlessly scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, and the ‘Gram. They are the biggest productivity killers!

Stop being so hard on yourself:-

Don’t beat yourself up if you have a setback; just acknowledge it, learn from it, and go again. We all make mistakes, fall out of routine, feel uninspired sometimes, you’ve just got to accept that it happens and move on. Beating yourself up about these things isn’t going to achieve anything positive.

Stop being passive:-

Ambitions don’t come to you, you go to them. So stop thinking “one day…” and actually go and make it happen; make your dream a reality; get started. Make it happen!

Stop being so impatient:-

Some things take time. It’s just a fact of life. So stop believing that it is never going to happen because it happened yet. Be patient and keep going.

Stop thinking so much:-

You are only hurting yourself when you’re thinking too much and getting lost in thoughts of negativity, self-doubt and anxiousness. Most of the time, your thoughts about something are far worse than the reality. Acknowledge why you may be thinking a certain way, and then dismiss it; don’t let it take over.

Stop to rest:-

You need to rest every once in while, take a break and recharge before getting back to it. Work hard, yes, but do not burn yourself out in the pursuit of your dreams. Take it easy and enjoy the journey.

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