Born to be You!

When you feel like you are being judged, like your every move is being watched; just be yourself.

When you feel like an outsider looking in, like you just don’t belong; just be yourself.

When you feel that people do not “get” you; just be yourself.

Being yourself and letting your own brand of style and personality shine through is an awful lot better than trying to conform to the style and tastes of others – like a piece of clothing, someone else’s personality may not fit you, so it is a waste of time even trying to squeeze into it.

Trying to fit somebody else’s conception of style, personality and behaviour will only see your spirit and soul destroyed, because no matter how hard you try, you will never meet their expectations.

Being you is how you are supposed to be. You were born to be you – so be the best and most original version of you that you can be, not a cheap imitation of another. Rock your own style and personality, if people do not appreciate it, then that is their issue. If they cannot accept that every single person is different and cannot be shaped to their own skewed view of how people “should” be, then feel sorry for them; that poor, trapped human being.

Let your personality shine through. Whatever you do, do it in style!

Add your own stamp of uniqueness.

Rock your own brand of awesome

Don’t let others make you feel bad for just being you.

“This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine”

Shine silently, and just get on with doing what you have to and in your own way.

Pepper everyday tasks with your bright side

Free your personality

Let your spirit soar

Stick it to the man

Be your own style icon.


© The Motivation Project 2019

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