It’s Only For Now

One of the sad truths, and certainties, of life is that nothing will last forever. The world spins on its axis, twisting us into the future – life bringing and taking away as it sees fit. What is happening now, won’t even matter in the future. Nothing lasts. It’s all only for now.

A sad thought as it can bring about feelings towards our own mortality, but with a completely different perspective is a concept that can release our worries, our struggles, our battles.

That problem you’re struggling to solve – it’s only for now.

That person at work you’re struggling to get along with – it’s only for now.

When things start to look down for you – it’s only for now.

In a world that is constantly moving, changing, rearranging, remember, it is only for now.

We all know that being negative is all too easy, and that it can become our only focus when things appear to be going wrong, but you can’t lose heart. You need to stay positive, and remind yourself that everything is temporary. You will get through this. You will get through this, just like you have gotten through and moved on from every other negative thing that has happened to you in your life so far.

Learning to flow through life, to see the bigger picture, rather than focusing on the negative aspects of those worries and concerns is going to be challenging, but not impossible. You need to retrain your brain and your thinking patterns. It’s about recognising that you’re losing perspective and reiterating to yourself that whatever you are going through is only temporary. You will get through this. You will move on. Life will move you on, bring new people, new situations, new ideas. You are never truly stuck.

Sometimes you’ll have to be patient – you’ll have to endure worries, struggles, trials and tribulations longer than you may necessarily want to, but keep reminding yourself that things will change, they will move on. You will come out of it all a better, stronger, smarter person. Just be patient and have faith that things will move on.

Make it your mantra, and tell yourself everyday, that it is all only for now.


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