Things Successful People Do

There are a lot of articles and blogs on the internet listing exactly what successful people do to be successful; “14 things ridiculously successful people do everyday!”, “11 Things Very Successful People Do That 99 Percent of People Don’t”. And they try to push this trope onto people, implying that you have to do the same if you too want to stand a chance of being half as successful as they are.

I used to read them myself, thinking I must do this, and then feel lousy about myself because I couldn’t stick to the routine. But now I’ve matured a little and become cynical about the world around me, I have a few questions…

Where has this information come from? Has said successful person actually told you this?

Did said successful person always do this routine? Even in their early days when they were nobodies? Surely, they’ve adapted as they’ve progressed, and success has allowed more freedom?

Don’t you think it’s a massive coincidence that every single successful person does the exact same 10 step routine being written about?

My point is, we shouldn’t take every piece of advice to heart. Not everything is going to work for you as it does for somebody else. People are so different. It is just advice, tips and ideas that you can pick and choose for your needs. Don’t take all of them on board! Trying to do all of these success hacks when they’re not suited is setting yourself up for a whole lot of self-doubt.

I’ve read how you should have 8 hours sleep, 8 hours of work, and 8 hours of doing whatever you want to do. But this isn’t even feasible if you have a dayjob, have to commute to that dayjob, are working on a side-hustle and still need time for the basics of personal hygiene, nutritious food, household chores and maintaining relationships!

How about getting up at 5am? Tried it, failed. Absolutely useless advice if you’re generally not a morning person. You just get cranky.

Exercise and meditation? Not really a priority for some

Writing to do lists? Only works if you’re going to remember to refer back to the list from time to time.

We, myself included, just need to take everything with a pinch of salt, and ask ourselves; could this work for me? You should certainly try things, and maybe adapt them to your needs, but do not think that any suggestion you read on how to be successful is a guaranteed way of securing your success. Getting up early, or going for a jog is only going to get you so far; actually putting in the work for your project/business venture/goal/ambition is what is going to make you achieve greatness.


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