When Things Go Wrong

I’m writing this post having recently found out that a relative has had a failed kidney transplant for the second time. However, I am sure that what follows can be applied to any aspect of life where things seem to be going wrong and deviating from your plan.


Sometimes, no matter how much you want something to happen, how hard you pray for things to be a success, life has other plans and sends things awry.

People will do their best to comfort you; tell you that it will happen eventually, that you should not lose hope, that you will appreciate it more when it does happen; they’ll tell you that you just need to be patient, your time will come.

In the immediate aftermath of things going wrong though, you will not feel this way. You will feel hopeless and fed-up, and question why you’re even bothering, especially if you’ve experienced failures and set backs before. You cannot see how it could possibly be a success. And you know what? It is totally ok to feel like this. It’s ok to feel broken.

Take a few days, weeks if needed, to get over the initial grief of failure, mourn what could have been and then get back to it. Do not give up the fight. Go gingerly and slowly if you need to but please do not quit. Do not lose hope.

You’ve come so far already; survived this far. You must keep going!

Don’t waste the time you have already spent on this.

Life is a bitch, that is certain. She’ll throw everything at you to test you and to break you in an attempt to destroy your soul; and she’ll make it look like everybody around you is succeeding in their goals and ambitions. It completely sucks, but that is just the way it is. You are not being singled out for a rough ride, you haven’t done anything to deserve it. It just happens.

Now you can either wallow in self pity and regrets every time failure rears its ugly head, or, you can rise up and fight back.

Do not let life bring you down. You have to find a way to keep fighting if you want to stand a chance of gaining everything you have ever wanted.


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