You Can’t Always Be In Control

Sometimes in life you cannot be in control. External powers, and maybe even internal mental health rear their ugly heads and you just feel so helpless, unable to do anything.

The only thing I’ve learnt to do at times like these is to follow the words of wisdom said to me by a friend… Ride the fucking dragon.

We’ve just got to go with the flow and let that beast take us for a ride. It’s ok to relinquish our control; it’s not like we were feeling that powerful anyway. We need to experience it all. Let yourself feel what you are feeling. Bask in the uncertainty of it all. You’ve got to feel it in order to move on. Only through experiencing struggles – sucky day jobs, corporate fat cats, depression, anxiety – can you become a well rounded and grounded human being. You’ve got to go through it in order to come out of it. There’s no point hiding away or giving up, as it’s only when you’re in this sort of thing that you will develop a truer sense of self, and learn how to deal, survive and conquer. It’s times like these we learn to live again!

Just hold on and believe that you will be ok. You can’t always fight, so sometimes you’ve just got to ride it instead. Observe where it takes you; learn, evolve, become stronger. Ride that fucking dragon! You won’t enjoy it, but you will be better because of it. Hold on, because in the end you will be ok.


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