Time is Running Out

Oh my god, what if you wake up one day, maybe thirty years from now, and you are in the exact same place? No goals accomplished; no dreams realised; no progression made; in a variation of the job that you still hate, still thinking, “one day…”

How fucking depressing is that?!

We all get in to comfort zones. It’s so easygoing, hassle-free, and uncomplicated in comfort zones. You’re not stressed, you’re not pushing yourself to exhaustion, and that’s what makes them so damn difficult to get out of. We allow ourselves to become complacent, telling ourselves that one day we will achieve exactly what it is that we desire and that day is not today. We fit into societal norms, take the easy option and ultimately lose ourselves, a piece of our identity along the way.

And time moves us along so quickly as well – we think we have plenty of it but we don’t. Time is not promised to you or anybody else. It’s something we forget so easily, to be dramatically faced with it and our own mortality when it ceases for somebody close to us.

If you have woken up today, then today is what you are going to get. You must stop delaying things until another time – no more putting off until tomorrow! We need to push ourselves out of our comfort zones and not be afraid of the challenges this may bring. Keep going until you create a new comfort zone – one where you actually want to be, and can be your true authentic self.

Make the effort, face the challenges, and in the words of Matt Bellamy of Muse: don’t waste your time, or time will waste you. (from Knights of Cydonia, not the song below!)

And if you do get to wake up thirty years from now, dreams accomplished, exactly where you want to be… well done you, you did it! 

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