A Period of Isolation

As I write the UK is entering its fourth week of isolation (although some aren’t taking it very seriously!) and people are falling into one of two camps… productive or unproductive.

Whilst being unproductive is fun and entails movie marathons and jigsaw puzzles, I’ve found that it isn’t very fulfilling after a while.

It’s needs to be balanced with productive behaviours and utilising this time that we’ve been given. Let’s see it as our period of growth.

The cocooning moment where the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly takes place – the hard work behind the change that nobody sees.

From ugly duckling to beautiful swan

A Glow up

Getting happy

Finding satisfaction

Fulfilling destinies

Smashing goals

Thrown from our usual routines, it’s a chance to take stock of our lives and steer it in the direction we actually want to go. We should make the most of this opportunity we’ve been given… when have we ever had this much time to focus on ourselves?!

Give yourself a routine, exercise, journal your thoughts, actually do something towards your dreams that you’ve always claimed you didn’t have time for because of work! The moment is now.

It’s kind of fortuitous that isolation and lockdown have fallen over Easter, a celebration of rebirth and renewal. By all means binge watch that Netflix show, but why not use this period of isolation to become reborn, to come out of this better than ever? You’ve got the time to focus on creating the life you actually want. In the words of the Foo Fighters, “It’s times like these that we learn to live again”


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a caterpillar grows its wings in period of isolation - motivation project