You’ve Got This

It can be extremely hard sometimes working for your future whilst balancing your commitments to work and family. Most days you’ll probably feel mentally and physically exhausted as you climb into bed – and you’ll feel as if you’re missing out on your friends and family if you choose to progress your goals, but know that you can’t stay stuck where you currently are.

It’s difficult, but don’t you dare give up! It is a short term sacrifice. A sacrifice you must make in order to gain long-term security and a life you actually want to have for yourself and your family. You are building a better quality of life for yourself that does not rely on being employed by some random company that you don’t even like. You are putting yourself in control of your life.

It is difficult starting from scratch on dreams and ambitions, but we all have to start somewhere and oh will it be worth it! Just think of the personal and financial freedoms you could create!

Take breaks if you need to, but do not quit. Remember why you are doing this and remind yourself of this daily. Focus. The future you want is made in the here and now.

Take heart. Stay strong. You’ve got this.

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