Many people state that there are only two certainties in this life, death and taxes. However, I am beginning to think that a third certainty should be added to this brief list and that is the imperfectness of it all.

We get these ideas in our heads of exactly how our lives will be, these neat ideas of perfection that see our lives through to old age, but it never quite works out like that. Life is gloriously messy, ill-timed and very often heartbreaking; ruining our visions or making them happen in a way that we least expected.

And what causes us more grief sometimes, is letting go of this idea of perfect and how things should be. Life happens, whether we like it or not, so rather than a static perfectionism, we need a fluid “that-will-do” mentality. We need to build resilience, go with the flow a little bit. Make plans of course, but do not allow yourself to become rigid within those plans. Just as we shouldn’t wait for perfection in order to start something, we shouldn’t expect things to finish in an absolutely perfect way either. 

As life changes, you change. So don’t be afraid to switch careers at 40 years of age. Don’t be afraid to leave a lousy relationship at 50. Don’t be afraid to start all over again, just because your picture perfect life plan did not happen. Don’t be afraid to change your current ideas of perfection!

Rather than a work of art, be a work in progress!

Life is in constant flux, with absolutely nothing at all set in stone, so your plans for life should be the same.

Embrace the imperfectness. 

© The Motivation Project 2020

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay