noun:- a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way

In everything that we do there is an element of motivation required to fulfil it. There is a reason why we eat, move and do certain things. But sometimes, even with a reason, it can be hard to actually go about getting something done, especially when that something ascertains to our goals and ambitions.

The biggest enemies to motivation are laziness and self-doubt. Both kill of productivity and will make you feel lousy about time you are wasting.

Learning to tap into motivation anytime, anywhere, no matter how you feel is a key factor in life. You may need the tough love approach, or a gently coaxing kind of approach; hell, you may even need a bit of both sometimes! Our moods and attitudes can vary so greatly day to day. And just sometimes, it might be a good idea to be de-motivated.

That is what this blog is aiming to discuss; hopefully navigating you through any hurdles in life with thoughts on being motivated, staying motivated and knowing when you need to rest, so you can, just maybe, get to where you actually want to be in this life.


About the writer??

Hi, my name is Sophie and I struggle to stay motivated.

I am in a full time job that I dislike and am dreaming of one day becoming an author. I started writing things down to motivate myself in the direction of my ambitions, fed up of years passing by with still nothing to show for it. I thought other people might benefit from my scribblings too, so here we are. Feel free to share your own stories of overcoming laziness and a lack of motivating skills over on the contact page; it would be nice to know we all go through the same thing